Street Ministry

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The street ministry hits the streets of Las Vegas 2 or 3 times a month all over the city. 
We hand out food, necessities, resources and information on Christian recovery programs.  Most importantly, we give our testimonies, pray for people, and love them exactly where they are.  
We also provide the directors cell number so homeless folks can call regarding resources to get off the streets and transportation to resources. 
Resources include housing assessments, sober living, ID / Birth Certificates, Christ centered 12 step programs, and emergency housing. 

Care Packages

Through your support thousands of care packages have been assembled and distributed to the homeless. 
These care packages include essential needs such as: socks, deodorant, lotion, chapstick, toothpaste, toothbrush, brushe/comb, razor, feminine products, soap, shampoo, wet wipes, and q-tips. Most importantly it includes the Gospel of Jesus Christ AND information on much needed resources.  
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OVER 16,000 care packages given


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We provide pizza, snacks, desserts, care packages, clothing and seasonal items for over 100 homeless and less fortunate people. These are pop up events that happen in different parts of the city, 
Before the meal the Gospel is preached, testimonies are given and prayer is offered to all. The power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit is at work letting them know, through Jesus, there is a place where there is no homelessness. 
Information on resources for addiction,
sober living and other resources, are offered. 

Emergency Housing and

ticket to home assistance

People sometimes fall on unexpected hard times and it leaves them stranded on the street without anywhere to go and without any knowledge of who to turn to for help. 
The Emergency Housing Ministry assists people to get off the street for the evening and gets them plugged into resources. 
For women with children or pregnant women, 2 Act Ministries will find them a shelter to sleep at, if no shelter is available, other arrangements are made.  Men are set up in a homeless hostel.  Sleeping with a roof over their head and surrounded by walls makes a big difference.  Because of this a number of families and women did not end up on the streets. 
The ticket to home program assists homeless folks to get back home with thier families. 
To learn more about giving to this fund, please contact us.  
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