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Housing ministry

The problem:

     According to the 2019 Southern Nevada Homeless Survey, on any given night there are 5,530 individuals experiencing homelessness in Southern Nevada.  Sixty percent of those individuals are in unsheltered conditions: living on the streets, encampments, cars, or other places not meant for human habitation.  Of those surveyed, forty-five percent were homeless for the first time.

     The leading barriers to obtaining housing are lack of income and inability to afford rent.  Nevada has the worst shortage of affordable and available rental homes in the nation.  In Las Vegas, for every 100 homes needed, there are only 19 available units. Homeless shelters largely contribute to meals, temporary shelter, and resource programs.  However, there are not nearly enough beds to meet the daily needs in Southern Nevada.  In addition, the people who stay there are under strict time constraints and must be off the property early in the morning and back in line for bed availability at night.  Although these shelters make their best effort to meet immediate needs, it is not the most conducive environment for a person to feel secure, regain employment, or re-establish themselves.  

Source:  Help Hope Home & Nevada Homeless Alliance (2019).  Homelessness in Southern Nevada.  Retrieved from

Our vision:

      To develop a transitional housing solution with supportive services to assist people who want to get off the street.  This small community will provide a secure and safe environment while a person seeks employment, gains self-sustaining life skills, and re-establishes themselves to become self-sufficient.  This is not a handout, but rather an opportunity to receive the tools and resources needed to escape homelessness.

      Residents will be allowed to stay on property until they are self-sufficient.  While in the community, training and resources will be offered to assist in resume building, budgeting, and other life skills. Residents will be required to actively search for a job and perform volunteer work at the property and in the surrounding community.  In addition, once a job has been secured, a portion of their new income will go to pay rent and into savings.  Each individual’s savings will be used to obtain their own permanent housing.  Residents will be mentored by people who have overcome the same situation. 


our mission:

     To spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ, while providing a safe and secure environment for people motivated to escape homelessness by becoming self-sufficient. 


we need your help:

 Discipleship homes and tiny homes have been successful in multiple other cities.  Please contact us if you or someone you know:

1. Has a property they would be willing to use as a discipleship home.  This property would have an onsite property manager living there to oversee and mentor people as they become self-sustaining. 

2. Has knowledge on building Tiny Homes in Clark County, Nevada or elsewhere, please contact us.  We currently need someone with knowledge of manufacturing Tiny Homes and someone familiar with zoning and building regulations.  

3.  Has property they would be willing to use for Tiny Homes to be built on.  This would also consist of a main building for a property manager to live in and a common area for residents.  

4.  Is interested in contributing and funding to a discipleship home or tiny homes.

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