God is on the move, alive in our city, for His Kingdom and His Glory.

Every month we use several different types of outreaches to reach the community. We have an outreach where we reach the homeless dealing with drug and alcohol problems, we do 1 or 2 mobile outreaches a month, we do pop up outreaches and park outreaches. 

The park outreaches have been growing and making an impact spiritually and physically by getting them help with addictions and using other resources to get them off the streets. 

In the past 6 months we have assisted several people to get out of the parks and off the streets.

At the park outreach, we have them sit down under one of gazebos, we serve them hot chocolate in the wintertime and lemonade/Gatorade in the summer as they listen to the Gospel and Gods Word, after the message we serve them a home cooked meal or pizza and after that they receive much needed supplies. 

Many have made decisions for Jesus and many hear the true Gospel and know what it means to be born again.





Care packages are crucial in ministering to the homeless, some are on the streets a long time waiting for resources, some are addicted or have mental health issues, either way, care packages are a blessing. 

Through your support thousands of care packages have been assembled and distributed to the homeless, over 16,000 so far. 
These care packages include essential needs such as: socks, deodorant, lotion, chapstick, toothpaste, toothbrush, brushes/comb, razor, feminine products, soap, shampoo, wet wipes, and q-tips.
Most importantly it includes the Gospel of Jesus Christ AND information on much needed resources.
A BIG HUGE thank you to Fresh Rain Church, Valley Vegas Church, Northpointe Community Church, The Crossing, Bombas sock company, Smart & Final, MGM Grand & our donors for the continued support in making this happen.  
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We received a call from a lady in the community who met Bobby in the hospital, he was about to become homeless because there was nowhere for him to go once released. After speaking with Bobby and finding out he does deal with addictions, and after he mentioned he was ready to set all that down, i worked on getting him into sober living. 

Bobby is still doing well, staying sober, going to our Bible Studies and we were even able to get his Birth Certificate. Next step is to help get Bobby his SSI back. 


Chystal and Josh were stranded here in Vegas, which is something that happens a lot. They needed to get to Billings Montana, instead of giving them gas cards, we filled up their tank and they went to St. George Utah.

After arriving in Utah, they would share their location with me so i knew they were going to where they said, after location confirmation i sent them enough gas to get to the next stop until they got to the destination.

They made it home safe, Chrystal found a job 1 week after getting there and is staying with family. 

Heather has several issues going on in her life, we met her on one of our outreaches and she said she needed help. She found a program for sober living herself here in Vegas and needed the first 2 weeks paid in order for her to get in the program.

A month later and she is doing great. Prayers for her are needed as i know her mom is concerned and wanting to see a miracle. 

I just spoke with her case manager and Heather is still sticking with the program and sober. 


Good Morning Ron. I just wanted to tell you that I am beyond grateful to you for helping me get into this really loving and peaceful place. I slept in a bed last night and was safe, I ate last night and was welcomed. I felt like a real person again and it was wonderful.
This has saved my life literally and I am so incredibly grateful, your kindness is something that I will never forget.

God's love and mercies are new every morning and are found everywhere. You and your wife are children of Light and it is obvious.

Thank you for shining that light of 
Jesus everywhere. 

Meet Ernest, he was recommended by one of the pastors of Velley Vegas Church. 

The minute i met Ernest I knew he had a STRONG desire to get his life on track.

We got him into Christian Sober Living where he has found a job, 2 Act Ministries blessed him with a 30-day pass and he is doing good.

He is in the process of saving up funds to see his kids in Texas and get on his feet permanently in Texas. 


A Veteran living in her car can be unsettling, but unfortunately there are many homeless vets in our community.

There are more resources for vets, which is good, but sometimes they still need things like a deposit for an apartment, for Gloria, that was the case. She had the studio lined up but no way to pay the deposit, 2 Act Ministries was blessed with the funds to help her with this. Now her and her dog are no longer homeless.