As you can see, your support and prayers are making a lasting and eternal difference in the lives of the homeless and less fortunate.


Please spread the word, let people know we need prayer and support.

Thank you and may God bless you. 


    Ron Cornell - director / founder

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After getting laid off from his job due to covid restrictions, William ended up illegally evicted and on the streets. After providing emergency housing 2 Act Ministries got on the phone to find a permanent solution, by Gods grace an actual apartment became available. This apartment was part of a fresh strart program from the city, but there was still rent due, so 2 Act Ministries provided that so William can get on his feet. Prayers are needed for William to not only find a job, but a permanent housing solution. 

We are giving William all the tools he needs to get on his feet, including a 30 day bus pass and a slew of resources from the community.

Thanks to Jesus and our donors, this family will not be on the streets, but best of all is the rededication to Jesus, going to church again and asking for a Bible, that is what happens when Jesus gets involved. 



We are beyond excited that the Salvation Army reopened the Hope Chapel again. 2 Act Ministries will be there preaching the Gospel, providing coats, clothes, care packages, prayer and resources to the homeless on that campus. 

I spoke on sin our first night back, we can only imagine the fruit this outreach is going to produce, chapel is always first, then a meal and provisions for the body. 



Alot of the homeless like to spend the day in the park, 2 Act Ministries has been activly working at helping these folks, not only with essentials to survive, but help to get off the streets. Since we started doing park outreaches, we have assisted 4 people out of the parks and back to normal life. This is usually done by sending them home to families, sober living and assistance into 12 step programs. So our goal is not just physical food, but spiritual food and a hand up to one homeless at a time. 

Our last outreach we provided chili, cornbread, clothes, blankets, resources, Bibles, Daily Breads, prayer and care packages. 



Our annual Serve Las Vegas Event with Valley Vegas Church was a huge success.

Through the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit, 3 people made decisions for our Lord Jesus. God is so good and 2 Act Ministries is gratful to just be a part of what is going on in our community. Physical food is good, but eternal salvations is much better


They had a story on the news last night of a lady on the brink of homelessness with her disabled daughter.

She has an income but she just can't afford rent or the deposits, imagine what someone has to do if they have no income or very little income. The news mentioned that the city of Las Vegas is SOON on the brink of a homeless CRISIS.

We already have homeless who are mentally ill, addicted and chronically homeless on our streets, now after covid, we're going to have families and people on disability and so many others that are going to end up on the streets.

My phone has been ringing off the hook, unfortunately there is not enough room for the amount of people that need help.

Lynn and I, we are in prayer and our heart is breaking over what we are seeing right now.