First, we always want to thank our donors, our corporate donors and all the prayer warriors for your continued support. It takes an army of volunteers, prayer, the power of God and financial support to do everything we do. We couldn't do it without you.  


We have followed up with several people in the last 2 months to see how they are doing, the Lira family has acquired permanent housing.

2 Act Ministries assisted them 3 months ago with emergency housing, case management and a deposit so they can get on their feet, mission accomplished. 


Great news with our formerly homeless friend Elizabeth, 2 Act Ministries assisted her a while back into transitional Christian sober living with The House of Judah.

The owner of the house saw such enormous potential in her he decided to give her a full-time job managing his next house. Elizabeth is so excited to see everything that God is doing in her life. 

From living in her van to Christian living to running Christian living is a true testament to the Glory and provision of our Lord. ​



We met Denise and her son living in ​their ​car. She had to leave her apartment in California because of something that is happening increasingly all over the country​, an owner gives a tenant 30 days to leave so the owner can remodel and charge much more for the apartment. Luckily, Denise had 60 days' notice because she knew her lease was expiring. 

The other problem she faced was not being able to afford rent in California, so she decided to move to Vegas where rent was much more affordable. ​Then she faced a new problem, waiting lists, even for Section 8 housing. 

2 Act Ministries decided to provide her and her son with emergency housing for 1 month and help her with half of her deposit so she can get on her feet. We certainly did not want her and her son living in the car for a month. 

I talked to Denise just yesterday and she has two part time jobs and found a place to call her own, she moves in in 2 weeks. After several conversations with Denise there is no doubt, she is born again, and we will see her in Heaven. 


​The thing with section 8 housing is people get assistance with affordable housing, but the deposit is still required. When we have the extra funds, we will assist with a full or partial deposit for families for housing. ​These families below are so grateful for the assistance they received from the Lord Jesus. Every adult hears the Gospel and knows the assistance comes from God using 2 Act Ministries and its donors and supporters to help them. There are numerous stories of people, in tears giving their lives to the Lord. 


We were also able to provide much needed assistance in our ticket to home program and gas home program. With both of these programs, proof of residence when they get to the destination is always required. When it comes to providing gas, location sharing to provided to show proof of actual going in the direction of the destination. With both of these folks, they were homeless and are now back home with family or friends.



2 Act Ministries has been called to glorify God with the mission to be faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us and to demonstrate the love of Christ to the less fortunate and homeless community.​ ​​This is done by spreading the Gospel of Jesus, providing essential needs, both physical and spiritual and offering an opportunity to guide them through community resources.​

Our ​outreach efforts are in full force every month with 3-5 outreaches in the parks, in the homeless corridor, at the homeless shelters and through mobile outreach all over the city.