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We have a huge update on the family we assited with emergency housing on the last update. We have been able to place them in a more permanent housing situation, they now have an actual apartment with all the comforts of home. This is a month to month lease that is affordable for the family. 2 Act Ministries assisted with 1/2 of the first months rent to help the family get on thier feet. 

We are also looking to help the family with Christmas gifts in another week. 

God is good and this family will not be spending Christmas living in their car.

Thank you Jesus and thank you 2 Act supporters. 


The partnership with The House of Judah (Christian Sober/Transitional housing) is going very well. Pastor Mitchell who runs the orginization is kind enough to allow us to house individuals, sometimes straight from the streets, at only $400 a month. This is a huge blessing and a great opportunity to assist people on the streets to get the help that is really needed.

The house of Judah is Christ based and they have job, medical and disabilty resources.  


Louis was one of the guys we met at our monthly park outreach. The photo on the left is him at the park with a Bible, the photo on the right is him, off the streets and into Christian based housing.

This is thanks to Jesus, The House of Judah and our supporters. 


Mark was a referal from the Henderson police department. They sometimes call when they come across people in need. We housed Mark temporarily until he was able to go back to California to be with his family. 

Praise God he is no longer homeless. 


Here is a family that was living in thier car with no where to go. 

2 Act Ministries provided emergency housing and assited them to get back to California. Praise God, no longer homeless. 



We met this kind soul after our Hope Chapel outreach, we had some food left over so we hit the streets.

Joanne was in tears after getting hot chocolate & food on a cold night, then she surrendered  her life to the Lord. 

Angels are singing as another person receives Jesus and a home in Heaven. 

Here is another family that are having a really hard time finding second chance housing.

We both have been searching and we do believe an opening has come up. The good news is, this family has an income and only needs help with half of the deposit.

Please be praying that on December 10th this family will no longer be homeless. 


We actualy met them at one of our park outreaches and got the kids new shoes, our prayer is for Christmas they will be permanetly housed. 

2 Act Ministries has continued to provide emergency housing on the weekdays and gas for the vehicle to get around, both mother and father work, the problem was they get illegally evicted and need at least a 3 bedroom.

With housing skyrocketing and the eviction it has been a difficult road, but Praise be to God that road is changing. 



I always like to follow up with people we have helped in the past to see how they are doing. Praise God for these praise reports below. 


Kelly is one of our success stories for sure. Former addict, now clean, sober and renting a room from one of our volunteers. Here she is celebrating her birthday. 


Linda is the elderly lady we met at our Hope Chapel outreach, we actually brought her into our house to stay for a while. Here she is at our house, we invited her for Thanksgiving dinner. She now has her own apartment and still attends our weekly Bible Study. 


Patrick is still doing well at the house of Judah.

He is working and is asking for prayers as he does deal with minor mental health issues. 


2 Act Ministries has been called to glorify God with the mission to be faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us and to demonstrate the love of Christ to the less fortunate and homeless community.​ ​​This is done by spreading the Gospel of Jesus, providing essential needs, both physical and spiritual and offering an opportunity to guide them through community resources.​

Our ​outreach efforts are in full force every month with 3-5 outreaches in the parks, in the homeless corridor, at the homeless shelters and through mobile outreach all over the city.

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