Trying to help homeless people can be a daunting task, you come to realize you can't help everyone and the homeless person has to have a strong desire to put forth the effort and time to navigate the process. As 2 Act continues to grow and learn the process, we are able to pass that knowledge to the homeless people. But not just knowledge, i have learned that encouragement, prayer, the power of Jesus and transportation are great tools to have when helping someone get off the street. One thing for sure if a homeless person is willing to put forth the effort and do what needs to be done, we will go above and beyond for that person, even after they are off the streets.


One of the quickest ways to get people off the streets is the ticket to home program, there are certain requirements such as confirmation of a place to stay when they get home, attending at least one small group Bible study and while i am at the greyhound getting the ticket, they will hear all about Jesus. Jake and Kelly came to Vegas 6 months ago with promises of work, instead they ended up homeless, ID's stolen and no way to get back home. Praise the Lord they are now home, no longer homeless and we had a good long conversation about being born again.

Meet Tom, waiting on disability and homeless with a broken wheelchair he was stuck with nowhere to go. He borrowed someone's phone, called us and thanks to facebook and a private donor we got him a wheelchair. Tom is born again showing me his Bible and talking about Jesus, he could not believe it when Jesus delivered that wheelchair, but it did not stop there, i ended up taking him to Well Care to get off the street. 

God is on the move out on the streets of Las Vegas - God stories from the streets.

One lady we met was very angry with the Lord because her mother passed away. While leaving one of our volunteers told her the Lord put it on my heart to give this to you, turned out to be a backpack, leopard print, the lady was on the verge of tears and said I can't believe this, leopard print is my mom's favorite print and color. Talk about God moving. Another guy was praying for more Godly fellowship, 10 minutes later we pulled up telling him about the 2 Act small group right up the street. The biggest God story is that as he was praying, 10 minutes earlier, the Lord put it on our heart to turn around, God working on both ends.

We passed out close to 100 blankets, care packages, waters, coats, stocking caps, Bibles and food bags, 3 decisions for Jesus and 2 Act is sending one guy back home.

We have been working with Patrick for several months now. Patrick had several documents to get together and he does not have addiction problems. Since sober living was not option we had to go a different route, Patrick has a small income with disability so we had to find a room for him to rent, 2 Act was able to help him with the small deposit and he is now off the streets and i will be picking him up for small group Bible Study every week. GOD IS GOOD.

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