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Working to assist those on the streets and those less fortunate can be challenging. We thank the Lord Jesus that we are able to help many people get off the streets and not end up on the streets every month. It could not be done without the community prayers and support.

We use 100% of the funds we receive to assist people with tickets home to be with their families, sober living for those serious about sobriety, information including transportation to free detox and 12 step programs,  rent assistance in rare cases, emergency housing for families and ID credentials. (Money is never given to anyone, all funds are distributed to the proper resource).  


2 Act Ministries met this family today that, due to circumstances beyond their control, had nowhere to go but the streets. Thanks to Jesus and our donors they will not be sleeping on the streets. We provided the emergency housing and the Jewish foundation will get them into permanent housing. God is GOOD.



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From the streets, filled with the Spirit and after confirmation, heading home. God is on the move. He gets the Glory.


     When William called the ministry, he was in tears, he had no idea where to go or what to do. 

After talking with him for a while I found out he was from Texas and came out here with his fiancee who ended up leaving him for another man and the Vegas lights. 

     Instead of having William go through the homeless system and become another statistic, I called his brother in Texas and found out William can stay with him in Texas, so the Lord put it on my heart to get William home. When I met him at the greyhound to get his ticket, he rededicated his life to the Lord and while praying he was crying tears of joy this time.  



When Jeff called us he was in the hospital tired of being on the streets. He was hit by a bus several months ago, started drinking and ended up on the streets. 
2 Act Ministries got him into Christ centered sober living and eventually into his own room. We were also able to assist him in getting his disability back, ID and Social Security card. 
He has mentioned several times he would not be here if it wasn't for the Lord Jesus using the ministry to help him. 
He still attends our small group and volunteers for 2 Act Ministries. 
Your prayers and support making a difference. 


     I met Linda at the weekly Hope Chapel outreach, she was homeless because her roommate did not pay the rent and she got evicted and ended up at the shelter. 

    She came up after chapel service crying because she was scared to stay at the shelter. I get that because the shelter can be a scary place for a 74 year old lady. 2 Act Ministries was not able to get her into income based housing due to the eviction and she did not have addiction issues, so my wife and i took her into our home until she had enough money to move into her own place. 

    After 4 months, we got her into the Regency Apartments, the ministry helped her with a small deposit and she has been staying there since. 

We also got a broken scooter donated and 2 Act Ministries fixed the scooter and gave it to her, she was over joyed. 

Linda still comes to chapel services and our weekly small group Bible Study. 




     Couples on the street can be a challenge, especially considering they never want to be away from each other. I met this couple at our weekly Hope Chapel outreach, after speaking with them I found out they have been on the housing list for 4 YEARS. After I got to know them I also found out there is some alcoholism at the root of them being homeless. 

    That is when I offered a resource found at the Set Free Ranch.  Men and women are at the same property, but are housed in different buildings.  The best part is they will see each other at church services and meals. All the while they will be discipled and work on the ranch. 

The next day 2 Act Ministries got them on the greyhound to the Ranch, they are there and doing well. 


Our mission out there on the streets is to not only provide the needs of the homeless, but express the love and compassion of Jesus. We want them to know that one day, they to can be with Jesus on streets of gold. The Gospel and the Holy Spirit is not out of reach for anyone. 

When we approach these folks on the streets their focus is where do i sleep tonight, how do i stay safe, when we leave the focus is on what Jesus just did and provided. 

Each person receives socks, a care package, food, a poncho, seasonal items, a clean t-shirt, water or hot chocolate, Bible, daily bread and resources. 

To learn more go to the how you can help page. 



Were just about to leave the spot we were at when we noticed a lady walking down the street, head down, carrying a lot of stuff.
We asked, are you hungry, do you need a care package or some prayer, she started crying.
Turns out her and her boyfriend got kicked out of their apartment yesterday and her boyfriend just went to jail for an old warrant.
She is young, had 2 suitcases and her 2 cats in a carrier walking by herself in a shady neighborhood, crying. Being from California she had no idea where to go and she was scared.
I got on the phone and started making phone calls, all shelters are full, thanks to the emergency housing fund, we got her off the streets and tomorrow she is heading back home.
Jesus got all the Glory.

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