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2 act ministries is made up completely of volunteers who want to share jesus' love 

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our board members
Ron Cornell

Director and Founder

Ron started drinking and doing drugs when he was 12 years old.  When he was 24, he ended up living on the streets of downtown Vegas.  This continued for 17 years.  His drug use got worse.  He started using meth and heroine and drinking more.  He even ended up overdosing 7 times and was clinically dead 3 of the times he was found.  


He decided to give Jesus a chance in 2008 and that's when the miracles started.  After 17 years of addictions and living on the streets he now knows joy, peace, and happiness.  He has been appointed to go back out on these same streets to tell others about the hope and freedom he now enjoys.

Lynn Cornell
Lynn Cornell.PNG

Director of Women's Ministry

Lynn's a a Jewish girl originally from California who believes Jesus as the true Messiah. 


After praying for many years for a godly man, the Lord brought her Ron Cornell and they got married in 2016. 


Through 2 Act Ministries she has been able to minister to many women on the streets. There have been many salvations, many tears and many stories. When a woman on the streets calls the ministry, she is available to minister to them, showing the love and compassion of Jesus. 


So many women out there on the streets are in many different situations, her prayer is that God will continue to use her for His Will and His Kingdom. 

Micheal Hill


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Michael's a 62 year old grandfather of 12 and great grandfather of two.  He has been married for 32 years and has four daughters.  

He retired from the City of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue as a Fire Captain. 


Currently, he is the worship leader at Fresh Rain Church.   

Sarah Lugo
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Sarah knows what it is like to struggle from the bottom and work her way up.  She can tell you what it is like to scrimp to make ends meet.  She is a firm believer that when God opens a door, you must run through it with all your might and work hard to rise above the circumstances.  


God opened a door for Sarah to attend nursing school.  With late nights of a book in one hand and a baby in the other, Sarah completed her Bachelor's in Nursing Degree.  She then continued to receive her Master's of Science in Nursing, Leadership and Management. She now serves as a public health nurse to help the community.  


Sarah has had the privilege to participate in several international mission trips, however God has shown her that the mission field is all around her. This fuels her passion to empower and show Christ's love to God's creation wherever they are in life.

Robert Lira

Board Member

RLira_442 (1).jpg

Robert Lira is a father of 4 and has been married to his wife Christina for 26 years. He has been active in
the Electrical Construction Industry for the past 28 years and started Lira Electric in 2017. Robert has
developed it into a successful company and has now expanded into the Arizona market. He currently
serves as an Elder at Northpointe Community church and it is his passion to share God’s grace and see
lives transformed through His glorious work. Ephesians 2:8-9

Kevin Lamont

Board Member


Today I'm in Vegas because my former spouse joined the USAF and got stationed here at Nellis. God softened my heart to be an imitator of our Apostle Paul as He was an imitator of Christ, which led me to my dear brother in Christ Ron Cornell.

We go and do the things Jesus tells us to. My Reward is Jesus, it's eternal life with Him, my rock, my salvation, my refuge, the One Whom my soul loves. At this point and forever more. I'm living out with the Word of God as my guide. 

2 Act Ministries allows believers to go and do as Christ commands. With the Holy Spirit we are His witnesses to the ends of the earth. In our case Las Vegas, and wherever we send people back home too as well who are willing to go home off the street hopefully with the message of the gospel the light of Christ and the power of God unto salvation written in their hearts.

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