What an awesome opportunity we had to drive around loving and blessing those less fortunate.
We met a father with his over 18 son and daughter whose ssi check ran out. The father was very reluctant to receive any help at first, but after we explained why we were there, God opened his heart.
We prayed with them, and gave them info on where they can go to get off the streets and stay off,
Next by U.M.C. we met a vet in a wheelchair who said he had nowhere to go, Kenny one of volunteers is going to help him get into a house for vets, i will know in a couple weeks how that turned out. There was also a lady there with terminal cancer who stays homeless near the hospital due to the fact that she is always sick, she has been waiting for over a year for her social security to start so she can get off the streets. I referred her to the Shelter of Hope where she can stay until her checks start coming in. I pray she gets there.
At the 99cent store on Charleston and Maryland Pkwy we gave away the rest of our blessing bags and sandwiches. 2 ladies both had kids who were hungry and The Lord worked it to where we had extra Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and water to give them.
We wrapped it up by helping a family with 2 small children get a used battery for $30 since they were stranded at the 99cent store. I drove the father to a tire shop and purchased the battery and waited for him to install it to make sure they were going to make it. I also made sure he knew all of this came from the Lord.