This is the event where we partner up with Valley Bible Fellowship to serve and bless with them. We had 2 vans loaded up with blessing bags ,chips, water, cereal bars, slim jims and 120 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. One van went to Charleston Ave, the other van went to Maryland Pkwy.
I was in the van that went to Charleston Ave. With me was a lady and her 3 sons. The first person we ran into holding a sign said she only wanted money for a buffet. This is the enemy's way off trying to get us defeated, like we were not needed, but i have been on enough outreaches to know better. The next lady we ran into was elderly with a walker holding a sign. She was almost in tears as we pulled up and offered her food and socks. I gave her my phone number and told her if she called me i would get her into a shelter and pick her up and of course we prayed for her.
The next lady by McDonald's was a little to out of it to understand what was going on,but i gave her a blessing bag and food and water anyway. Jesus never said to feed those less fortunate if they are willing to listen to you or get help. Jesus died for that lady also, i pray when she sobers up she reads my testimony and the Gospel of Johns we put in every bag.
The next area we went to was Charleston & Maryland Pkwy where there is never a shortage of those needing direction and help. We passed out several bags and all circled up and prayed together. I also passed out my number to those who, when ready,  they can call me.
Next we found a young man by the 7-11 panhandling, i told him i would hate to see him waste 17 years on the streets like i did. I pray God works on his heart. quick. When we went around the back of the 7-11 we ran into 3 more people who we were able to minister to. They were very surprised & grateful for the blessing.
We had about 8 bags left so we passed the rest out by the Rescue Mission.
Every time we got done ministering to someone, the kids would yell out the window God Bless You. It was an awesome outreach.

Here is what happened in the other van. (written by Brandon Green).
So we headed down Sahara to the Commercial Center, and decided to go check out the area by the abortion clinic first. We pulled up into the parking lot where a  few homeless usually congregate, but couldn't find anyone. We decided to pray, and ask God to reveal people in need to us. As soon as we said amen, there was a guy right in front of us who was clearly in need of some love, and prayer! 
We then headed to a park, and found a man who we knew! We stayed and chatted with him for a while, gave him a blessing bag, and prayed with him. We started heading back towards Sahara, and found plenty of people to bless. We stopped at another park and met many people who were thankful for the food, socks, and prayer! 
After this we went to Sahara and Charleston, and met some people there. There was couple who had been on the streets for over ten years, who we were able to minister to, as well as a few other people who hang out in that spot. They even asked us for bibles, which we were happy to provide! We also met a man with some dogs, and God led us to get him some dog food for them. 
Every time we do these outreaches, I'm always surprised by Gods ability to be able to steer us right towards the people who need us the most, even though he regularly provides ministry opportunities for us. I pray that he never stops putting his children in our path, and gives us the vision to see them, and their needs. Thank you Jesus for letting us serve your kingdom!

Please pray for Nick (anger problems) - Antwon (direction) - Tanya (spiritual oppression) - Eric (to get home) - Cornelias (needs work) - and pray for Vivian, Jason, Alverto, Chicago and all the homeless and less fortunate.