On November 23rd, we participated once again in Serve Las Vegas! We all met up at Valley Bible Fellowship in the morning, and got some volunteers to help us pass out 60 blessing bags, over 120 turkey sandwiches, water, chips, and fruit.

We went to Maryland Parkway, and started looking for people we could bless. It was raining and cold, so not many people were out on the street where we could see them, but we managed to find enough people anyways.

One encounter that really stuck out was when we saw a guy walking back behind some buildings, we pulled over and went back there to minister to him. He was quite surprised that we were there, but nonetheless was happy to receive a blessing bag. He told us that he was walking behind the building and thinking to himself that no one had seen him. He was ashamed to be on the streets, and hoped that he could escape notice. But God sees him, and The holy Spirit led us to him. I told him these things, and he received prayer, and a blessing bag.

Sometimes all that God asks is that we are willing to go, and he will show us the way. He will lead us to people who seem unreachable, who think that God isn't paying attention. The harvest is ready, pray that God sends workers into the field!