This month's outreach was in the Las Vegas Blvd. & Sahara area.  The big highlight this time for Ron, Chris, Dave & Brandon was the gentlemen at the bus stop who was absolutely floored that 4 people would just come up and love on him.  He was appreciative of a good sandwich and socks as well.  Ron explained that God had a plan for his life and when asked if he would like prayer, he burst into tears while all four prayed for him.  It is amazing how God can send a healing touch to someone in need.  Ron was blessed to be able to speak to another gentlemen who had tried recovery through TLC (as Ron had also) which didn't work and Ron could easily testify that only Christian recovery will work.  He directed him to LVRM.  Another gentlemen in a wheelchair  who REALLY needed socks and a meal couldn't speak due to the stoma in his neck.  He was told not even to try and that Jesus loves him.  One homeless man pulled off his sneakers so we could see how bad his feet had blistered and he was very thankful.  There were several people asking for prayer around Bottle Cemetary (a 10 foot wide area of empty bottles and cans (very neatly done)) and many bibles were handed out.  It was also a blessing to run into someone else who was out there encouraging others who had been homeless himself.  All in all, another wonderful night full of love and hope.  Walk in love family!