Drive around ministries are always interesting as we let the Lord lead the vehicle.  If more people did that, I'm sure insurance rates in Vegas would drop drastically.  We saw homeless groups at the corners of Tropicana & Pecos where Scott asked for prayer and said he drinks to remove the pain.  Todd who was spotted against a building covered in oil was given a bag of food, socks, water and hygiene items and prayed over as well.  At the group at Pecos & Desert Inn we met David who wants prayer to be done with alcohol.  This was an awesome opportunity to share testimonies about how Jesus did this for us and direct him to free Christian recovery programs.  We also met Master Sergeant Dennis of the 101st Air Assault group and some of his friends at this corner and were able to get them some supplies, prayers and love.  It's always heart wrenching seeing our vets homeless.  At Tropicana & Eastern we prayed with CarRee who was severely depressed and has a myriad of medical issues.  Please keep him in your prayers as well.