For this outreach we went downtown with our wagon. We started at Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard, and went north along the strip. We ran into less people than we usually do this time, but the people that we did meet were wonderful.

Agentleman named John had us pray for guidance for him. A panhandler named Jesse also let us pray for him. By the Stratosphere we ran into a man named Orlando. We gave him food, socks, and a new t-shirt. He gave us one of the most genuine smiles I have ever seen. While he could not speak English very well, he communicated volumes with his kind spirit. We are truly blessed to not only meet these people, but also impact them in a way that makes them shine.

A bit later, we met a man named Rob who ministered to us, literally. A street preacher, he told us about how much God loves us, quoted scriptures to encourage us, and even blessed our ministry. The spirit was definitely working through this man, and we were blessed to have met him!

Even when we set out to minister, it is important to keep an open mind, and a keen eye. The Lord may use you to impact others, or he may use another to impact you! Always be willing to listen, and Jesus will bless you!

Those who asked for prayer are; John, Jesse, Orlando, Jimmy, Anthony, Rob, Charles, Wayne, and Reggie.