For this outreach we started at Charleston and Main street, and went west. Our first stop was at a gas station where we met a few people, including a young man named Daniel whose car had broke down and wanted some prayer, we were happy to pray with him!

We drove a bit further west, but didn't see anyone, so we turned around. At Charleston and Maryland, we met a man named Scott who had just got out of jail. He was thankful to us for helping him out and even confessed to us his addictions to cocaine and alcohol. We were able to minister to him from our own experiences. I don't believe that it was an accident that he told us about his addictions, but rather I believe that God moved him to tell us, so that we could share some hope with him.

The last place we stopped was in front of a church where we were able to serve over seven people! We met a couple who were hungry, and thankful for the food, a woman named Cathy who was having breathing issues whom we prayed for, and a man named William who has an addiction to Heroin whom we ministered to.

So many people out there who need the light of God in their lives! I praise Him everyday that he has chosen us to be the bearers of that light, and to give his children hope, and peace.

Please pray for everyone who is less fortunate than you, and these people by name who asked for prayer; Chris, Daniel, Shane, Scott, Wanda, Christopher, Cathy, William, and Mark.