Praise the Lord, Glory to God.

2 Act Ministries was available and God used the ministry to get a mother, 12 year old daughter and a puppy off the streets until Tuesday when they get into permanent housing. Thank the Lord above they will not be on the streets. 

Your prayers and support make a difference in the homeless people's lives, God is on the move providing, spreading His love, and spreading the Gospel.

100's of care packages put together for the homeless.

Glory to God, your prayers and support make a difference.

Every package has the Gospel, testimony, 🧦 socks, deodorant, lotion, chapstick, toothpaste and brush, comb, feminine products for the women, soap, shampoo, wet wipes, Jesus loves you bags, and q-tips.

When we hit the streets, our goal is to provide for the needs of the homeless, necessities while living on the streets are crucial, especially in the summer and winter months. 
While out there on the streets we also want to provide a hand up. The gentleman below were both offered that by assisting them with their ID, one will use the ID to start a new job, the other the get into sober living to start a new life. 
Your prayers are appreciated for these guys as they take the step to a new life. Best of all one of the gentlemen below is going to church and volunteering, they know the help comes from the Lord, all help is provided right along with the Gospel of Christ.


Every Saturday God does amazing things at our weekly meal and services for the homeless. Everyone gets a hot meal, new socks and we are even passing out deodorant now, but the most powerful thing is a forever changed life.

In the pic below is Darlene, the lady we helped get off the streets. She is giving back by volunteering, that is her in her work uniform, your prayers and support make it possible. 

What is the 2 Act Ministries emergency housing fund?

If they are female and pregnant or have kids and the shelters are full, we will assist them to make sure they are not sleeping on the streets. If it is a male, we will put them in the homeless hostel. Best of all, they all know it comes from Jesus and they hear the Gospel.

Because of this fund, a number of families and women did not end up on the streets, to learn more about giving to this fund, please contact us.


Praise report, Daryl is doing good in the Discipleship home, big thank you to Ray Reeder for the information on the home.
Also prayers for Manna, he is now off the streets and going into sober living Sunday.
God is so good and moving through the ministry.


Such kind words, nothing I did all GOD. This is from a former homeless person, the Lord used us to help him.

I had a few tears knowing that I was also a homeless person who found you and your ministry. I wasn't into drugs or anything but just homeless. You have done so much for me and i really appreciate your heart into all this because without you there would be no hope for me or anyone else that you have helped through the years. I believe that you also have a great personality and a great soul and so does your wife to do all what you do for anyone who needs help. Without you and your ministry there would be alot more homeless people on the streets. Thank you again for your kindness


The lives of the homeless are being changed and so many see the love of Jesus because of your prayers and support.
In July over 400 homeless folks received food, over 60 pairs of socks and care packages, several decisions for Jesus, ball caps, sunscreen, electrolytes, Bibles, Daily Breads and many calls taken for resources.
The homeless and less fortunate thank you. 


From one of our new volunteers. 

Last night...our first time serving at the Hope Chapel in downtown Las Vegas where the hungry were filled physically and spiritually. 

I want to thank Ron Cornell (2 Act Ministries) for the opportunity to help and for their wonderful ministry all around! The main meal provided to these hungry folks was HOMEMADE with love by volunteers and we fed what looked like around 100 people! The desserts were from local stores and bakeries and there wasn’t a single slice of anything left! I was literally covered in icing when I left lol. 

If you ever wanted to support a grassroots ministry that gives 100% of the $ donated to outreach supplies and efforts, this is the one. Every penny will go to sharing the gospel, food, and the love of Christ to those who need it most.


Man God is so good. 
Tim, the vet that we've been helping, is now permanently off the streets. God also provided new batteries and a cord for his electric wheelchair. He attended Easter service with us yesterday, God is good. 
TO GOD GOES ALL THE GLORY. Housing came quickly because prayer works and God is the one who opens the doors. 


Gods timing is always perfect, last night as we were driving down the street, I took a left down one street, but no one was there, so we started driving back down Sahara. As we stopped at a light we noticed a couple walking across the street, heads down, the lady limping. I know what the limping is from, it is a need for new clean socks, her socks are getting bad. 
They were very hungry and in need of everything, and we talked and prayed with them about 20 minutes. 
Now here is where we know God was involved, I have spoken with them before and texted them resources, but he lost his phone and all the resources, also the walk signal would not give them the walk signal 2 different times. It did not give them the walk signal until we were driving down the street. 
God's perfect timing. 
The guy also said the resources we gave him were good resources, so that is also good news. The pic below is how they look after an encounter with Jesus. ALL SMILES.


Pray for tonight's outreach, and the three people we are in the process of trying to get off the streets.
We are praying and gearing up to hit the streets tonight.
I want to say a special thank you to everyone who donated all the winter items, and socks for the ministry.
We never ran out of blankets, hats or gloves or scarves or coats, so many homeless people were blessed by your generosity, and every single one of them knew it came from the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Welcome Don to the Kingdom of God, one of the many decisions made for our Lord and Savior at the Hope Chapel weekly meal and services. 


Praise report. 
From the streets, to sober living, to job interviews. 
If you have been praying for Anthony, prayers are being answered, he has interviews with MGM, and 7-Eleven. 
Let's all continue to pray that God will open the door for him.


Ministry Update

October 9, 2016
So many things happening with the ministry, God is so good.

In 2017 we are going to start going to U-Turn for Christ ranch in Pahrump to do services to the folks in the program there. 

At the Hope Chapel, God is still feeding 100's of people every month, and people are being encouraged by the Word of God, last service alone, we had 5 people make decisions for Christ.

We also partnered up with VBF again for a Serve Las Vegas event, alot of food, care packages, and we prayed with the addicted, the hurting, the sick and the homeless. All Glory to God.  

Thank you everyone for your support. 


Street Outreach

August 11, 2016
God's love in action, if you are interested in joining our street outreach team and want to see first hand what God is doing on the streets of Las Vegas please contact me. 702-772-1813. 
Thank you for your prayers and continued support. 

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Street Outreach

June 17, 2016
When we meet folks on the street, God not only uses us to love on them and provide for them, we also try to find out their situation and give them resources to get what they need to get off the streets, including a ride. 
We pray for God to help them, please keep the folks on the streets in prayer.
We passed out more Bibles for Stephanie's Wish, and we ran into so many hungry folk's, several of them were seriously looking for where to go to get help. 

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Hope Chapel update - May 2016

May 4, 2016
God is doing so much working on the hearts of folks. Thank you everyone who makes this ministry possible. 
There has been healing, decisions for Christ, the Word preached, people fed. Thank you Jesus. 

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APRIL 2016

April 28, 2016
God was so good tonight, boy did He show up. Let's keep these folks in prayer. 
We had a lot of folks who are seriously looking for information on how to get off the streets, and Lynn and Andrea were able to pass out 9 special care packages for the women on the streets.
It was a Spirit led night, thank you Lord Jesus, we pray that you would help these people, please lead them to call me, or to the Rescue Mission.

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MARCH 2016 - Street Outreach

March 25, 2016
Thank you Jesus we gave away all of our special care packages for the women, 1 guy broke down in tears after receiving a care package and accepted Jesus.
So many hearts were touched, we met one couple who asks for resources to get off the streets, we gave them all the information they needed, and they were very serious about getting help.
Alot of these folks have no idea where to go or where to start, and i have compiled resources for them, and the best time to be there so they can get help. 
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February 2016 - Street Ministry

February 11, 2016
The Power of the Holy Spirit hitting the streets of Las Vegas. 2 guys accepted Christ, and one woman had demonic spirits released in Jesus name. Praise Jesus.

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January 2016

January 14, 2016

(2 Cor. 5:17 - Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!!!)
A guy last night who we were ministering to looked at me and said, you have never been homeless. What an opportunity for a testimony of what Jesus can do in a persons life. 
One of my ministry tools is a written out testimony with my old, on drugs pic, and the pic with the light and Spirit of Jesus in me.
He took the pamphlet and could not believe the old and the new. 
All glory goes...

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December 2015

December 4, 2015

At a Memorial a few weeks ago, the host asked people to bring socks and blankets for the homeless. These are the pics of the people who received that blessing from God. We also passed out sandwiches, Bibles and water.

As we were driving around town, we were looking for people on the streets with no blankets, well, The Holy Spirit did not disappoint in leading us where we needed to go. We found several groups of people without blankets.

I talked with several people who were serious about seeking...

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September 2015

September 28, 2015

Meet Donny, we met on our Hope Chapel outreach. He told us he has been sober since the first of the month and wanted to stay sober. He said he was having a hard time staying sober in the area of town he was staying. 
The next day he called me and we got him into a good clean and sober home. I picked him up on Sunday after that and took him to church, and he is doing very well. ALL GLORY TO GOD.
I thank God i have the resources to help these folks get to where they can better their lives, and i ...
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