Last night was wonderful and everyone involved had great stories to share.  Ron and Mike gave their hearts to the Lord and will be going to the Rescue Mission for help.  Another gentlemen, Ernest, rededicated his life to Jesus after he asked for prayer about "everything".  This was the praying-ist group they've encountered so far.   Larry asked for prayer as he waits on disability from the Navy and Bob had to leave his residence as the rent is continually being raised every month.  David was losing faith and received hope and prayer.  He opted for our extras bag (just water & a sandwich) as he felt there were others who needed the socks and other provisions more than he did.  Ran into Re-Bob again who didn't want prayer or anything to do with recovery, but was still thankful for food and provisions.   Another man knew Chris & Brandon from them playing as the worship team at LVRM so the people see it's not about show boating and the Sunday faces, but being a servant to others 24/7, reaching out with a hand and a heart to show the love of Jesus.  There were a lot of people thrilled with the extras this month (M&Ms, mints, cookies) and apparently the word is getting out among the homeless to look for Dave's big old clunky "white truck" that delivers blessing bags.  We'll pray that God will keep Old Betsy, with her 372,000 miles, running and delivering blessings.  The guys are spending a lot of time not just handing out bags, but praying with people and sitting and talking to those who are willing about how they ended up homeless.  So many of them just want a listening ear for a short time and knowing that they're loved and being prayed for.  Our only downside to the evening was the bag shortage.  We brought 30 full bags + our 5 extra and 50 would have been a better amount for the homeless campsite area.  No pictures this month as it was too dark, but we'll have more photos for the November outreach as it's on a Saturday partnering with Valley Bible Fellowship.  We've been asked where our facility is and we've been running everything from our home for the past year.  I've included pics of the bag lineup in the living room and our assembly line dining table.  Yes, we are praying for a real facility (or something a little bigger than our 500 sq. ft. trailer) but that is in the Lord's hands.  Be blessed family and please pray for those on the streets of Vegas.