What a great night we had on the Downtown Walkaround and once again we had exactly enough Blessing Bags for the people we were meant to speak with.  Not only were 20 bibles handed out but we were able to lead Eugene & Rick to the Lord that night.  We prayed with Betty Jane whose Mom had just passed away, Crystal who has mental issues and Randy who is not ready for Jesus yet.  It was great meeting Daniel who was interested in recovery and didn't even know about the free programs available.  Art needed someone to just listen for half an hour, Tommy & Shannon are looking for direction and Audrey was super thankful for everything from the food to the socks to the hygiene items.  Ron & Cindy are homeless with their pooch and because of the dog, there's really nowhere for them to go to for shelter.  Pepper needs a lot of prayer as we found her walking in circles in the street and talking to the spirits she was hearing. 

We are continually finding the gamut of homeless people - from veterans to addicts & alcoholics to those with tremendous mental and spiritual issues.  What a privilege we have for that brief moment in time to be able to share our time, resources and love with them.  We, who have an answer for the hope that lies within us, are continually blessed by reaching out to others!  Walk in love family!