On this outreach we were going to do our downtown walk around, but there was a festival going on in the downtown area and there was no parking. Then someone mentioned going to Maryland Pkwy, so we did,and as it turns out that's where God wanted us anyway, thank you Holy Spirit!

The first spot we went to was Sahara & Maryland Parkway where we came across 6 or 7 homeless people behind the bus stop.One gentleman wanted prayer 3 different times,I witnessed another taking his dirty socks off and using one of the handi-wipes to wipe off his feet,and put the clean socks on,he said it was such a blessing. When we were done about 3 or 4 of the homeless circled up with us and prayed.

A little farther down the road we ran into a woman and her 15 year old son,she said she was praying for direction on where to go. Thank God the Holy Spirit led us here,because the next day the lady called us and we brought her to the Rescue Mission.

Right across the street was a group of 6 or 7 people whom we ministered to and gave blessing bags to. One guy said he was an atheist but spiritual, we spoke with him about how God works and how he worked in our lives.

On Maryland and Flamingo we ministered to a couple who were waiting for the first of the month to get off the streets,we ministered to them and invited them to church.

We wrapped it up at Jack in the Box on Maryland and Tropicana where we met a group of train hoppers who were playing guitars and heading out of town soon,they really appreciated the socks and toiletry items.

All in all an awesome outreach,please pray that God will intervene in these peoples lives!