Pulled out the giant coffee pot as it's starting to get a bit cooler at night again and the coffee was very welcome at Washington & "A" Street.  By the time word spread, we had 45 people lined up for hot soups, bread, bagels and prayer.  It's amazing how in 15 minutes people start appearing out of nowhere.  Several of them were STILL wet on Friday night from Thursday's rain so we brought some clothes back to the area on Saturday.  Stan, Jose, Sherry, Clinton and Bill (who has a resume with him) all asked for prayer for work.  Southpaw wanted prayer for health.  Charles wants to get off the drugs so we were able to share stories about our recovery and faith in Jesus, the Restorer of all things.  We also met Matt who didn't want prayer for himself, but instead for Abbott M. Deil who is a diabetic who disappeared and for Matt's sister Dola Mae.  Jimmy and Charles also asked for prayer.  Please pray family for all those on the streets who are without hope and are lost.