As we partnered with Valley Bible Fellowship this month for their Serve Las Vegas event we were thrilled to have 10 VBF volunteers accompany us to the homeless campsite near Owens & "B" Street.  The VBF people helped with handing out bibles, hats, bags, coffee and several just went off and started ministering and praying with people - they were all beautiful servants. 

Clyde, who was at the campsite, could not get out of his car and was in tears that people would actually bring him a bag with food and supplies.  Twin received not only prayer but first aid for a cut on his hand.  Jennifer had lost all her possessions, believes in Jesus but doesn't have a relationship and thinks Jesus doesn't hear her.  She received prayer and guidance on how Jesus does hear her every thought and is always there, unchanging, yesterday today and forever.  James, Robin and Bree all needed prayer for their situation to change.  It is difficult to get assistance without IDs.  It's pretty common for their ID's to have been stolen or lost in their various relocations where paperwork cannot catch up to them.  We are asking for prayer for Steve who was extremely drunk and said he couldn't go to a program as he has "too much stuff".  Ron offered to get him a storage locker for a couple of months, but as he figured, Steve just isn't done yet and had more excuses.  We pray God keeps him safe until he's ready for change in his life.  We pray that not only were their bodies nourished but their souls as well as they found out just how much they are truly loved and cared for.  I believe it makes a big difference meeting so many of them on their grounds and showing them that just as God met us where we are at, we are willing to do the same with them.  We don't care that they're not prettied up and at their best points.  We are there to love them in the tough times and offer hope, encouragement, prayer and whatever else God enables us to do for them.

The bags were all handed out in 20 minutes once the word SOCKS was mentioned.  I am so glad everyone spent so much time just talking and loving on these people.  Brandon was so busy ministering that he forgot to take pictures but we're hoping the VBF family captured some of the beautiful moments that day that we can share with you.  Walk in love family!