We headed to No. Las Vegas with cup-o-noodle soups, socks, cereal bars, Gatorade, and vitamin water. We also had Bibles on hand and Gospels of John.
We had to stop at 7-11 on L.V. Blvd & Bonanza to get forks for the soups. This was a good thing because we fed and ministered to about 8 people right there on that corner. One gentleman is already a Christian who needed some food and encouragement, there was also a gentleman there,in a wheelchair, who had a plastic bag wrapped around his front wheel and he couldn't roll. I am grateful God used us to be there to help these people. Another gentleman had been living on the streets for 25 years, who said he doesn't do programs (reminds me of me when i was on the streets). And another guy who was interested in checking out the mission, lets pray he makes it there.
On L.V. Blvd and Lake Mead we met a gentleman who has been speaking with a pastor who was telling him to go to the Rescue Mission. And here we were telling him the same thing, I have a good feeling God is going to lead him there.
After that we met a lady, who we have seen before. She is in a wheelchair and has no addictions and can't get into most shelters due to the fact she cannot go up stairs.The Shelter of Hope would take her, but she was leery. She is waiting on Social Security and will need an I.D. soon and we told her we would help her with that and gave her my contact information.
Next we met a gentleman who ministered to us. He has stage 3 cancer and has a better attitude than most Christians who are healthy. We prayed together and gave him a Bible to read.
All in all we met about 25 people who were touched by God and need our prayers.
Pray for Johnny (in a wheelchair,needs healing) - Ivan (strength) - Harry (go to the mission) - Julie (in a wheelchair and needs Social Security) - Curtis (cancer) and pray for all the homeless that God would intervene in their lives.