For this outreach we decided to do a few different things.  First of all we took socks with us- you can never go wrong with socks!  And we also went to a part of town that we haven't been to but once before; Lake Mead Blvd.  We decided to go to North Las Vegas because we saw that there was a need, most outreaches focus on Downtown, and surrounding areas. 

The first group of people we ran into confirmed what we had suspected, a gentleman named Larry who told us "People like you [outreaches] never come around this part of town.", and he thanked us for helping him and his older companion; 'Uncle' Harry. 

We met a woman named Deborah, who readily accepted the food, water, and socks we gave her and the walked away. A few minutes later, she walked back to us and started asking about how to get into a program, and off the heroin. Why did she think we would have an answer? Because she started to read Ron's testimony brochure which we hand out at every outreach.  It's awesome to see the power of a testimony- Deborah is now considering going into a rehab program because of Ron's willingness to share his!

Those who approached us for prayer are: Nicholas, Uncle Harry, Larry and his wife Charlene, Deborah, Julie, John, and Carlton. Please help us and pray that these people will be guided by God, and find His will in their lives.