Apologies to my family for the delay in this post.  The heart attack has slowed me down for a couple of weeks, but amazingly it's a 5 Friday month and we didn't miss any outreaches!  I am getting back on track and delegating where necessary.

We had 9 people head over to the campsite around Washington & Main Street with lots of soup, bread, blankets, hats, coffee and cocoa.  It was difficult getting the blessing wagon into the area due to the fencing so we setup a bit outside the fence.  You just GOTTA love the guy standing at the fence telling people not to approach the wagon as "It's a Trap!".  There's ALWAYS one...  There were only a dozen people in this particular field and yet within 10 minutes, people started showing up from everywhere.  It was an incredible night and one of our best outreaches yet.

Randy was stuck in the field for 2 days without food as he has 3 broken ribs and a broken arm from getting beat up.  He still has a good attitude though and was most appreciative of the items we dropped off.  James & Christy are trying to get back to Austin, TX where he has family and hopefully a job waiting for him.  Christy needs prayer for her leukemia and both appreciated new socks to replace the ones they've worn for the last 10 days.    Soong asked for prayer to help get off the streets and it's very difficult for her as she barely speaks English.  Mack is asking for his back to be healed but he is still joyful and is praying for patience.  Gordon is a cancer survivor and needs help to get off the streets as well and Ronald is asking for prayer for make a life change.

We are very thankful for the opportunity God has given us to speak with those in need, to pray with them, love them, and share our stories with them.  No, we can't fix all the situations out there, but sometimes, just people knowing that they haven't been forgotten and that God loves them can make all the difference in their perspective.  Please keep all of these dear ones in your prayer and God bless you all family!