We met at Las Vegas Blvd. & Sahara with 4 members from VBF and 30 blessing bags, coffee, bibles and lots of love.  The blessing bags were packed with Gospels of John, Ron's Testimony, socks, PB&J sandwiches, oranges, twinkies, water, toothbrush & toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razor & shaving cream, lotion, tissues, and chap stick.  Ron has been nicknamed "Radar Ron" as God has given him an uncanny ability to look at someone and know if they are homeless and need a blessing bag.  As always, most who received a bag were very appreciative. 

It was amazing to hear, in the middle of Sin City, the response of several who drove by and offered encouragement with their horn honks, waves, "Amens" and "God Bless".  It seems to me where the darkness is greatest, the light is easier to perceive.  There was some spiritual darkness encountered, and yet more bibles were handed out in this outreach than ever before.  God was in control of it all, even down to the 3 patrol cars that cruised by but let us continue handing out bags, talk and pray with people. 

Jason was thankful for the socks, and knows what he needs to do to live righteously.  Theresa just moved into a place but has nothing. She received food, toiletries, blankets, and most importantly, prayer.  Jim Bob received the food and toiletries with joy and we prayed for him in regard to his grief over his recently deceased mother.  Ricky asked for prayer for everything.  We are praying Johnny goes to the rescue mission or salvation army so he can kick the drugs and be with his family again.  Wren needs prayer for direction and Sean requested prayer without us even asking if he needed prayer.  Vince needed prayer to help get a better kingdom perspective and Gilbert asked for guidance.

Thank you family for all that you are doing to make these outreaches possible and a special thanks to Chris who was able to get us some pictures of this outreach which are posted in the photo gallery.  Our next Blessing Bag Ministry will be on April 27th around Bonanza & "D" Street.  This is a special area for us as we all went through the Rescue Mission there and without finding Jesus and recovery there, we would not be doing what we are doing now.  God Bless you all!