This outreach was our Maryland parkway drive around. These outreaches are always more personal, because we are only meeting one or two people at a time. We went to Sahara and Maryland to pray. We had a few people right there in the parking lot who needed some help, so we were glad to give them blessing bags, and pray with them.

This outreach illustrated something that we see quite often; we always think that we are going to minster to those on the streets, but often God works through them to minister to us! One of the first people we ran into, Don, said "I can see that the Lord is taking care of me!". Its so wonderful to see smiles and thanksgiving come from those that seem the least likely to have any joy at all. Other instances include William who said "The Lord is shining on me tonight!", Felicia who thanked God for an apartment she will get at the end of the month, and Frankie, who prayed for us!

We also met Gina and Doug, who had just lost their daughter. We were able to comfort them with prayer, and encouragement from Gods word. Gina hugged us and thanked us for being there when she needed it the most. I thank God for using us where we were needed the most.

We handed out 30 blessing bags altogether, 16 bibles, and about 20 cups of coffee. We are thankful that God led us to the right people, and we pray that we can continue to be used effectively for the kingdom.

Special thanks to Linda, and Harry for helping out.