The team headed out to the tent city at Bonanza and D Street, and were pleasantly surprised to see that a couple was already there serving them soup. Since the people there had already been fed, we decided to go to Washington and A Street. The couple that were feeding at Bonanza and D still had some food left over so they came with us! We set up and handed out 30-40 cups of soup, 30 bottles of water, over 20 cups of coffee, and 7 bibles.

Many people ask us why we buy pocket sized bibles, instead of the cheaper full size bibles. The answer is because its easier for people to keep them. We met a homeless El Salvadorian man named Richard, who showed us his pocket sized bible - one that we gave him a year ago! We were able to pray for him and feed him, and he ministered to us with scriptures that he had learned while reading his bible.

We went out and prayed for many people after feeding them. Sharon was moving to Kansas City and wanted prayer for safety, Ken wanted God to open doors for him to get off the streets. Mack, Jerome, Jerome's wife, and Rod all were prayed for, and their request was one we hear often: For God to give them direction, and encouragement.

Finally we prayed with Jeff, who although he is on the streets, praises God constantly for the blessings he receives. We prayed for him- and his dog Molly-Brown, who he said was a great and faithful companion on the streets.

Life on the streets is hard for all these people, please pray for them, and pray that God will send out even more servants to bless those that are in need.

Special thanks to Janice & Bill Kelly, Juan, Keri, and Wolf for all the help