When we parked behind the tire center at Washington & Main Street, there were 5 men laying against the side of the building seeking shade.  Within 20 minutes, word of our arrival had spread and within an hour we served 50 Cup of Noodle Soups, 48 bottled waters, 2 gallons of Gatorade and lots of bread and bagels.  We handed out another 10 bibles, many t-shirts and caps.  Several men asked us for prayer and we are keeping Emmanuel and Jay in our prayers.  What a blessing it is to watch the countenance of a face change with something as simple as a smile, some soup and some love.  We are so thankful for those who are going out with us in this heat to help serve those in need and we are especially grateful for the continued perspective we receive and the ability the Lord has given us to love others through Him!  Be blessed family and Walk in Love.