This was a drive-around Maryland Parkway outreach using our walkie-talkie radios for the 1st time.    Everyone agreed this was the BEST outreach ever as more time was spent with the homeless people talking with them.  It is much easier to speak with them individually when they are not grouped together like they tend to be in the homeless campsite areas.  There were so many who were thankful for their blessing bag, iced towels for their necks, cold water and prayer.  Almost EVERY single person wanted prayer - it was incredible. 

Please pray with us for the following people we met Friday night:  Antoine, James, Charlene, James and his wife who is in a coma, Jose wants out of Vegas, DK Downing, Ellis Parker, Todd for direction, Dave, Randy, Brian and his drug abuse, Trash (his street name and always an opportunity to share that God doesn't make trash) and his girlfriend Olivia, Henry, Johnny, Mike and his anger issues and lastly for Wes who gave his life to Jesus tonight.  Thank you family!