Dave, Ron and Rudy hit the streets around Owens just east of "A" Street (across from Salvation Army's Owens campus).  There were 39 people lined up against the wall seeking shade.  As God would have it, we had EXACTLY enough supplies remaining for 39 bags... funny that! 

The people were all extremely grateful and socks are always the item bringing the most smiles.  They met one gentleman who had previously been to the rescue mission but had not completed the recovery program.  He was assured that he was welcome back there if he was finally serious about his recovery.  We're hoping to hear he's there today.  There were many prayer requests and one requesting salvation.  It was a beautiful night and so many were just so thankful to know that they are loved and cared for by the Lord.

Upon leaving, all 39 people were reading either Ron's Testimony flyer, Our Daily Bread, or the Gospel of John as if their lives depended on it.... and it does!