We headed out to Maryland Pkwy starting on Bonanza and heading South. We had blessing bags filled with socks, handi wipes, chapstick, toothpaste & toothbrushes, razor, shave cream, soap, Gospel of Johns, Daily Bread, and a copy of my testimony of how i got off the streets. We also had food bags with a sandwich, fruit, and snacks including slim jims. For drinks we had gatorade & bottled water.
The first place we stopped was Fremont and Maryland Pkwy. where we met several people who were pleasantly surprised and grateful to receive socks and food. We prayed for several people there and we met an elderly lady and her husband who had all their social security money taken and on the streets temporarily. The lady, who was partially blind,  had a wheelchair with a broken wheel, i told them i would try to find them another wheelchair. (The next day i found someone in the body of Christ who had a wheelchair for her). When we brought the wheelchair to her, she was crying and was so grateful to receive such a blessing from the Lord.
The next stop was Maryland Pkwy and Charleston. Here we met close to 15 people who were in need of God's Love. Everytime we go to this spot, we always find so many lost in addictions and some people who are not homeless but still need toiletry items and food. Once a person leaves us they go tell someone else that we are there. Its a great opportunity to minister and love on people, and of course pray for them.
Please pray for Cowboy and Rose - to stay off the streets and protection. Melody -  for her family. Chris & Annette - whose family is sick. Jeff - new direction in life. Bob - peace. Dorothy and Paul.
And pray that God intervenes in the lives of the homeless and leads them to programs and or family that will help them get off the streets and receive life through Jesus.