Ron, Dave and Chris went out with 30 bags last night.  Chris kindly donated his digital camera so we have some pictures to share of the conditions the homeless are experiencing in the 106 degree heat yesterday.  There were many prayer requests, and sadly, many more people than what we had provision for this month.  The last group of gentlemen split the contents of the last two bags between the six of them.  Many are leery of staying in homeless shelters due to the theft of their few meager belongings.  We were able to share that we too were down to 1 bag of belongings for years and at that time, we were clinging to that bag as it was all we had to show for our lives.  We assured them that if they were interested in a recovery program and were ready to say that they were "done", the treasures they would receive that year (those that count) would make what they have now pale in comparison.  They would be given the freedom, hope, and tools they need to begin life anew.  Please keep those who are struggling on the streets, and this ministry in your prayers.  Walk in love.