We setup over by the Rescue Mission at Bonanza & "D" Street (now we know where we can and can't park) and were bombarded by the homeless.  Everything was GONE in 30 minutes - the 30 blessing bags, the extra food bags, all the water, gatorade, iced towels, it was the fastest outreach ever.  It was a blessing to hand out 20 bibles to those who asked for them.  We did get to spend time praying with a few people and it was quite easy to tell them about recovery and point to the rescue mission across the street as well as share our individual stories of having lived at the Rescue Mission for a year..  For those not interested in THAT program, we had on hand information about the Salvation Army recovery program as well. 

Hasam would love everyone to pray for "everything" for him.  Freddie would like prayer for safety and Damian & Sally are asking for serenity and patience.  Next month will be our walking around ministry with the Blessing Wagon.  We are continually changing locations which allows us to reach new people each time so please be in prayer for God to lead us to where He needs us to be to speak with someone.