This was an exciting outreach for us! We went out to minister to a group of homeless people living in a field whom we affectionately termed "Bushmen". We loaded up our wagon, and went off road. The first guys we ran into were Ricky and Gary who were both surprised to see us. They told us that not many people would give them a second glance, let alone venture out into an overgrown lot to bless them.

We ran into a woman there as well, and a man named Ernest, who both live in the lot. There were quite a few campsites that were empty at the time we were there. Yet we were told that people did indeed live there, so we left them blessing bags anyways! Hopefully they were blessed when they returned and found food, water, and socks waiting for them.

Afterwards, we went to an abandoned car wash on Boulder Highway and passed out the rest of our blessing bags, finding out that - once again - we had found an area that not many are reaching out to.

We thank God that he is leading us to go to the neglected people of the city, and spread His Word, and his Love to those who need it most.

Please pray for all these people, and pray that God will send more workers into the field.