For this outreach, we met up at the McDonald's on Sahara and Paradise. We unloaded the wagon and headed up to Las Vegas Boulevard. We met a couple guys who were on their way to get drunk or high, but we were able to give them some blessing bags and even pray with one of them! A little further down the street, we found a campsite with about six people in it. Campsites like these are all over the city, collections of garbage and cast-off household items that enterprising homeless use to make temporary homes. We gave out the blessing bags and then gathered everyone together for a circle of prayer.

We also met a couple who had recently come from Kentucky to stay with some family in town, but the family member who was going to put them up changed their mind. They had no clue where to go for help, but we were able to look after their immediate needs with food, water, and toiletries, and then point them towards programs that could help them. For all the hype, Las Vegas is too often where people go to experience a measure of destitution; I praise God that he puts us in a place to help people when they are in the most need!

Please be in prayer for all those who suffer on the streets during these Summer months, and pray for these individuals: Barry, Dave & Desirae, Jesus, Malcolm, and Maurice. Thanks!