We had 10 people go out Friday night on the Downtown Walkaround (Stewart to Main to Bridger to 4th Street).  It was wonderful to be joined by members of both Grace Harbor Fellowship and Valley Bible Fellowship.  Thankfully these churches take 'fellowship' very seriously.   

At the one bus stop that is passed on the route, 20 blankets were handed out and greatly appreciated.  Many children at the bus stop were thrilled with hot cocoa and love.  The sleeping bags we managed to collect were gone in 15 minutes as well as handing out the last of our pocket size bibles.

Ron ran into a gentlemen he used to get high with all the time in his old life.  Took him 5 minutes to convince the guy he was who he said he was as Ron looks so different now.  It's amazing when Jesus enters our hearts how our countenance does truly change.  I've read it in scripture and it's so cool seeing these miracles played out before our eyes.

So many people once again wanted prayer: Rodney as he was leaving to go to court in St. Louis, Paul & Lauren needed direction, Derek and Brandon needed prayer for many things and were so excited to get bibles, Don was very grateful for the provisions in the bag and asked for prayer as well as Randy who wanted prayer for 'everything'.  Ron, who was praying with Randy, made sure that Randy knew our God was an "Everything" Kind of God!

We had exactly enough bags to hand out with our last sandwich bag going to a gentlemen who said he didn't need any hygiene items, but if we had a sandwich, that would be great.  We were amazed at both God's provision and His timing.  Since the Blessing Wagon is working out so well, and we're bringing hot water along for cocoa, we are going to start including Ramen Cup of Soups for the mid-month coffee ministry.  This way if they need more than cookies, coffee or cocoa, we can offer them a hot cup of soup.

Walk in Love family!