We are thankful that the expected rain held off during the Holy Spirit drive around and we were able to share our time tonight with Jeff, a reporter from The View.  Armed with 2 vans (yes, I say armed as it is a battle zone) , walkie talkies, coffee, bibles, food bags and hygiene items we set out driving down McLeod to Tropicana to Maryland Parkway to Sahara and then down to I15 & Bonanza.  Out of all of the 2Act ministries, this is the most tiring and the most exciting as you never know who God will send you to speak with.  Most of the time you only spot 1 person at a time.  The most we had, until the very end, was a grouping of 3 people which is nice as it allows a lot of time for conversation. 

We first met John in one spot, then Evie who wanted prayer for her schizophrenic daughter Pamela.  Then we ran into Eric who wanted prayer for direction.  Our next group included Casper, Jason and The Major who I know we've met before and were all a "little tilted" but we were able to share about recovery and to pray as a group with them.  Gabriel was our next stop, bedecked in black leather and lots of sparkly bracelets who told us all about the demons & angels living inside him.  He was speaking at about 100 words a second and we pray that his spiritual battle will soon be over.  Scott was next on the list who wanted prayer for guidance and then we found Tamisha in another parking lot who is almost back on her feet again.  Norbert (aka Sherlock Holmes) was quite the character and sniffing the air told us that the rain in the forecast would only last for 5 minutes and if we need help with anything, he was the guy.  We prayed for him to get the help he needed and to stay safe.  Roger in his wheelchair stayed hidden under a blanket covering and could barely raise his head but was super appreciative of some socks and hot coffee.  Timothy and Darlene we found in a little lit alcove under their blankets.  They didn't get up but uncovered their heads so we could spend some time speaking with and praying for them.  The last of our bags were given out on Bonanza where we found a campsite with about 20 tents and 50 people.  Yep, I'm hearing future outreach site at that place.

There are times, seeing so many of those who are literally cast off on the side of the roads, that this type of ministry can be heart wrenching but amazingly we are continually encouraged.  Last night our encouragement came from a security guard on a bicycle who saw us helping the homeless.  We were expecting to be told to "move along", however this guy literally floored us by thanking us for what we are doing, quoting scripture, sharing his faith and telling us to press on.  How does the writer of the book of Hebrews put it.... "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.".  Thanks God for your angels!