We started the new year off with a bang, on the 9th we headed out to drive up and down Charleston Ave. looking for people who needed warm food and clothes. We had  hot cup of noodle soups, hot chocolate, snacks and V.B.F. donated socks, hats, gloves, and a few jackets. It wasn't hard to find people who needed hats and gloves and food, and of course God led us to find 3 people who had no coats at all. One gentleman in front of the gas station who was panhandling for food was on the verge of tears as he was provided with the Gospel, Gods love and provision.
On January 30th we headed to the downtown area of Las Vegas. We had blessing bags full of toiletry items and socks, we also had food bags with sandwiches, snacks, and fruit. We pulled up to the 7-11 on Bonanza and L.V. Blvd. and parked there for about 45 minutes and ran into plenty of people who needed to hear the Gospel, and receive Gods provision. One gentleman i talked to said he doesn't know what to believe anymore, so i explained what the Bible says and how God changed my life through the Holy Spirit, he said he was going to think about what i said, i pray God works on his heart. We also ran into a lady who had 4 children with no socks or toothpaste. Even though she wasn't homeless the next day i delivered those items and much more to her. I'm grateful God sent us there to help her.
Thank you for your continued support of the ministry so we can continue to spread the Gospel and Gods love.