Went to Washington & Main but the police had just cleaned out that area so there were only about 20 people so after serving the homeless there we headed to Washington and "A" to love on about 40+ people at that location.  We handed out more than 60 soups, 20 bibles, most of our coca and a lot of hot cider.  Sadly, some of the people have such poor dental health that anything hot is too much for them and they were just thankful for some bottled water and patiently waited for their hot soup to cool a bit so they could eat it.  All were appreciated of the bread and bagels from Panera to dunk in their soup and we were blessed to have a new volunteer, Chris C from Valley Bible accompany us to share the Love and Hope that we know from Jesus. 

Charlie who is not saved, still wanted a bible as he loves to read Psalms & Proverbs.  Keep reading Charlie.... keep reading!  WolfTears (his Indian name) wanted prayer as he has survived spinal meningitis but is struggling with being mostly deaf now.  Blaze and Brittney were greateful for the food and have been on the streets for 6 months.  They had the cutest dog and we are going to make sure that we have some doggy kibble with us from now on in the van as we run into many people who are on the streets with their pets.  Please pray that these people find their way, one way or the other, to somewhere warm and safe.