We started the new year off by going to a homeless camp. This camp is right by the Rescue Mission and Salvation Army, so the people in this area can walk to get off the streets and get in a program, but during the winter time the Mission's are usually full. It goes to show these people need our love and support even more, even if they wanted to get off the streets, there is no where for them to go.
We served hot cup-o-noodle soups, coffee, hot cider and chocolate, cereal bars, and the Rescue Mission donated about 30 sleeping bags. While we were serving, a lady and her kids came by and donated some money for our ministry and they helped us serve. It is awesome how God brings heartfelt people your way to help.
After we were done feeding we walked around and asked people if they needed prayer. We prayed for David who wanted God,s direction. Micheal wanted prayer for his kids , and Kenny wanted prayer for an I.D. We ministered to these people and told Kenny about the Help of Southern Nevada to get his I.D.
Both Kenny and Micheal would of loved to go to the recovery farm our sister ministry is starting in Missouri, so pray Dave and Cindy get the farm up and running soon. And pray God intervenes in these people lives.