Our van was broke down for most of the month of February, so we were not able to do our soup street ministry this month. But we were able to get to the Salvation Army every Saturday (thanks to the hearts of everyone who helped us get there) and we were able to do our blessing bag street ministry. Our van is 30 years old and running again, but we could still use another van or truck to reach those in need. Please pray on this.
We headed out to Maryland Pkwy starting on the corner of Maryland & Charleston where we were parked for about a half an hour. People were constantly coming as word got out about food, socks and slim jims. One gentleman we ran into was in tears about being on the streets,we prayed for him and told him about the rescue mission and i gave him and several other people my number to call me, if needed.
We prayed for a lady who had 3 hungry kids at home, we gave her extra food bags and water. We also ran into a gentleman who didn't want any food or toiletry items, he just wanted prayer and someone to talk to. We gave him a copy of the Gospel of John and prayed and talked with him.
As we drove down Maryland Pkwy we ran into several more people including one guy who was planning on going to the Salvation Army the next day, i pray he makes it there.
We wrapped it up by the freeway exit by the Rescue Mission where we gave away our last blessing bags. 
Every person received food, toiletry items, a copy of my testimony, a Gospel of John and a Daily Bread. Lets pray God works on their hearts.
Pray for John, Melinda, Greg, Rick, Chris, Kevin and Jeff who all asked for prayer.