The team headed over to the tent campsite on Bonanza only to find it already cleaned out by the police so the next stop was Washington & "A" where there are always plenty of homeless.  We handed out about 60 soups and spent time in prayer with Kenny and Michael.  With the weather as chilly and windy as it was, most of the homeless were just trying to stay warm the best they knew how.  If you are living on the streets and have already hunkered down for the night covered with whatever you can find, you are not going to want to move unless forced.  When we show up with soup and coffee, the lure of something warm in their stomach brings them out for a cup of soup and some prayer, but once they are done eating, they just want to crawl back under and enjoy the warmth and fall asleep with that feeling of warmth in their bellies.  As the weather warms, we'll be able to spend more time talking to people again. 

We are so grateful that we can help the homeless and for those interested in recovery, share our stories and act as pointers to free programs.  It is amazing we have this opportunity and it keeps us very thankful of the Gift we've received.  For all of us who have been where they are this allows us to keep our perspective and gratitude flowing.  Blessings to you all!