We went to the campsite at Washington & "A" street tonight and handed out 40 blessing bags and 6 extra sandwich/water bags.  Apparently I missed on the calendar it was National Blanket Week and I'm pleased to report we handed out 30 much appreciated blankets.  Most of the remaining hats we crocheted were distributed as well as 20 bibles.

We are asking for prayer for Mike who wants to find work, Edward (who is finally tired of drinking) and Sharone who are trying to get off the streets, and guidance for Sunshine and her husband.  We spent a lot of time with Jason who is tired of the streets and ready for a change and Pam & Gary who are trying to get an apartment and are ready to get off the streets.  Several people are waiting on their disability to go through and once again, it was brought up that without IDs, there's very little help the homeless have access to.  This is one of the needs our future Resource Center will be addressing.  Please keep all these people in your prayers and blessings to all of you, our family in Christ.  Without your help, we wouldn't be able to go out there every other week.

Walk in His Love!