What a beautifully blessed night the group enjoyed pulling the Blessing Wagon laden with hats, scarves, coffee, water, socks, food bags, hygiene bags, bibles, Gospels of John and Ron's Story.  We started at Stewart & 6th Street and went to Main Street and up Las Vegas Blvd.  We met Don, Tracy & their 3 year Haley who had come from Wisconsin believing lodging was attainable for $250 a month and there were many jobs here.  We pointed them to shelter and gave them some food and prayer.  Daryl asked for prayer for his health and direction and both Joseph and Chuck are praying for jobs.  Sweet Maria could barely speak English and just had all her possessions stolen and Nadia was sleeping in an alley and asked for prayer for strength as she is working but waiting on her check.  Paul wanted prayer for the truth.  Julian & Geri wanted prayer for true repentance as they had fallen away and were drinking again.  We were able to share our testimonies with not only Julian and Geri, but with Scott and Juan as well who did not know that there were free recovery programs available.  Both Scott and Juan said they are ready to make a change in their life.  What a great night it was to share our stories, our bounty and most of all, our Hope and Love!