We headed out to the Owens & "A" campsite only to discover that both it, and the one farther down on "B" Street have been cleaned out by the city.  Only God knows where all the people have gone now.  We went down by Washington and "A" and found that campsite still full.  All of the big blankets were handed out, lots of our crocheted hats, 36 Ramen Cups of soup, bibles, half of our bread supply and lots of cocoa and coffee.

We are praying for Noel who is still waiting on his disability but is remaining clean and sober through the trials as well as Andre who wanted prayer for everything and an out of work concrete specialist.

We are in need of pocket size spanish bibles and more Ramen Cup of Soups as they were so greatly appreciated.  Walk in love family and please pray for those out there as the temperature has dropped again.