Brandon, Chris & Ron had a great time last night ministering to the homeless.  The area by the Rescue Mission had been cleaned up by police again so they headed out to Washington & "A" and talked to about 15 people there.  Then they headed over to Owens & "A" and talked to another 25 people.  The cookies are gone and they went through about 60 cups of coffee.  A lot of people asked for prayer and requested bibles so they handed out 20 bibles last night.  Several requests were made for reading glasses to help them read their new bibles.  They spent 30 minutes with one gentlemen alone who will be heading over to the rescue mission to find out about entry into the recovery program, Praise God!  So many were just thrilled to have people pray for them and to warm up with some coffee for a time.  We'll be going out again on the 30th of this month and hoping to get another cambro that we can fill with hot cocoa as well.  Thanks for your prayers family and please be praying for all those out in the cold right now.