At a Memorial a few weeks ago, the host asked people to bring socks and blankets for the homeless. These are the pics of the people who received that blessing from God. We also passed out sandwiches, Bibles and water.

As we were driving around town, we were looking for people on the streets with no blankets, well, The Holy Spirit did not disappoint in leading us where we needed to go. We found several groups of people without blankets.

I talked with several people who were serious about seeking shelter and/or recovery, including a brother and sister living on the streets. Please pray that they call me so i can pick them up and take them where they can get help. 

Also be praying that God opens the door so 2 Act can open a Christian Home for those living on the streets. It would be a clean, sober place for homeless folks to go to learn about the Lord, look for work, go to church and volunteer. I know that if we can get people somewhere where they are surrounded by Godly things, the Holy Spirit will work on their hearts. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.