Thanks to the pastor at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission we had the opportunity to pass out hats, gloves, and some blankets to the homeless. Along with that donation we brought hot cup-o-noodle soups, water, hot chocolate and snacks with us.
It just so happened, on this night we went out, it was raining and pretty cold for the first time this winter.
I always enjoy it when you ask a homeless person if they need socks and something to eat. The answer is always a resounding YES, especially for socks. But hats and gloves can actually bring even more blessings to the homeless.
Several people we ran into didn't have any hats and gloves, and when its windy, in winter time, in Las Vegas you can get really cold, i should know, i spent many winters on the streets of Vegas.
One of the guys we ran into just got out of the hospital, he was an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair, and only had a flimsy blanket. When we gave him another blanket, hats, gloves, soup, and hot chocolate he said that we were angels, and was on the verge of tears. He was on the streets temporarily till his S.S.I. checks starting coming in. So we prayed that God would cut the red tape and hurry those checks up so he can get off the streets.
Everyone we ran into was so grateful to God for using us to help them out. Nobody deserves to be on the streets, and everyone needs to see Gods love and provision.
Thank you to everyone who gives and prays for this ministry so we can continue to go out and spread the gospel and Gods Love.