This is my favorite place to go,only because its where i was homeless for so many years, Downtown Fremont Street. That's how the Ministry was birthed, God put it on my heart to go back to the same streets i came from and tell people what God did for me to get me off the streets.
We had blessing bags filled with socks, toothpaste & toothbrush,razor, shave cream, chap stik, my testimony, Daily Breads & Gospel of Johns. The food bags had a sandwich, fruit, cereal bars and other snacks. We also had coffee and bottled water.
It was very cold and windy on this night,so we didn't run into alot of homeless people, they were in cubby holes and hiding form the cold. But it was worth it because a gentleman named Tom called me the next day seeking a program to get away from addictions and the streets. And praise God we got him into the Rescue Mission, Christ centered, 12 step program. Please pray for him.
We talked to several people and prayed for just about every single person we met. There was one lady sleeping on the sidewalk across from the greyhound station who said we were a God-send for bringing her coffee and socks, we told that we were sent from God and the coffee and socks came from God. Kathy was able to minister and pray for this lady.
There was another gentleman who was walking down the street with sandals and NO SOCKS, he said his feet were freezing, he was very grateful for a warm pair of socks.
Then toward the end of our walk around we met Tom by the courthouse. (who is in the Rescue Mission now)
All in all it was a great outreach, and i am grateful that God uses the Ministry to get people off the streets and into free Christian recovery programs. Please pray for God to intervene in the homeless peoples lives. Only God has the power to work on their hearts.