This was an awesome outreach, all of us felt like lives were touched this night. To start off the Holy Spirit was telling us to go down the east side of L.V. Blvd instead of the west side. And this worked out great, we ministred to almost 25 people on that side of the street within a 5 block radius.
The first person we ran into was defeated being on the streets, he was waiting to go home to his family. We prayed for him and let him use a cell phone to call home. I gave him my number and told him to call me if he needed a ride or if he needs an I.D. to get home.
After that we ran into a couple of can collectors who were couch surfing (living on the couch with friends). We also ran into a couple who were living in an abandoned building. We ministered and prayed for them and invited them to church at the Salvation Army. We also told them about the Rescue Mission.
While we were talking to a gentleman who proclaimed he doesnt believe in Jesus, a young lady, who was couch surfing, waited to recieve a blessing bag and food. If she wouldn't of stopped i probaly wouldn't of asked her if she needed socks or food. She had clean clothes on and didn't look homeless, but she definetly needed to hear a message of hope, and recieve prayer. Im glad God used us to be there for her.
In a vacant lot we ran into a gentleman called (The Kernel) who prayed for us. Its always a treat when a homeless person prays for us. Its not the first time someone has ministered to us on the streets. In the sane lot we also prayed for a man who has lung cancer.
We passed out several more bags to people who didn't want to talk and also a lady who was a Jehovah's witness. She talked with us for about 15 minutes.
We wrapped it up talking to another gentleman who was going home to L.A. that night, he had his bags right next to him. We also ministered to a guy who spoke with Mike for about 15 minutes.
Everyone recieved a Gospel of John, Daily Bread, socks, toothpaste and brush, razor, chap stick, sandwich, cereal bar and pretzels. Please pray for Kevin (to get home), Carmen, Racheal (permanent home), Micheal, Jennifer, Dave, Mitchell and Orlando, and all the homeless and less fortunate.