For this outreach we decided to cruise Boulder Highway in search of people that God could bless. We went as far a Flamingo and saw some people on the corner who needed soup, water, snacks, and of course, prayer. We met a man named John who asked us if we knew a place that was hiring. A commonly held belief is that many homeless people are too lazy to work and earn their own way, but many of them would be willing to work if given the chance. Others, like Steven- an elderly man we met- don't have the ability to work, either because of age or various illnesses.

We went a bit further down the street to a park. There we found a few people who were all to happy to receive the soup and water. Everyone gathered together so that we could pray over them, and I believe that God will work miracles in their lives! One lady, named Pam, was very interested in getting off the streets. Many people we meet want to get out of their situations, but its not always so easy- especially if they don't know about the programs that can help them. We gave her all the information she would need to get help. We also met a man named Emanuel who had brain cancer. Thank God though, his cancer is going into remission, and he may even get back to work soon!

Thank you God for giving us the ability to go out and minister to your children, young or old, and for placing your Holy Spirit upon us and those that we meet. I pray that peace and goodwill will find each of them and that they will Praise God for their blessings! Please stay in prayer for John, Steven, Pam, Emanuel, Eric, Tammy and all the others who wander the streets looking for a place to call their own; may they find their way to Jesus, and become citizens of a country where no one is homeless!