So MANY God stories - where to begin?  With God's perfect timing delaying things long enough to run into Leanne who was totally broken in tears and needed to hear recovery testimonies, the power of Jesus and about the Rescue Mission and Salvation Army Recovery Programs?  No, not that one. 

How about we start with Lenny who believes in God and was praying by the Stratosphere about how nice a pair of socks would be less than 5 minutes before we came by with a blessing bag which happened to contain, lo and behold, a pair of socks?  No, maybe not that story....

Perhaps the Muslim who asked to have a Bible?  Or the Buddhist who also asked for a bible and where the nearest church was located?  Or the gentlemen Kino who just pulled over to see what we were about and asked what he could do to help? 

What can I say?  This Walk-around Sahara & Las Vegas Blvd. Ministry was a beautiful one.  We even ran into a family from South America who were very excited about what we were doing and took pictures of the crew, the blessing wagon and will be sharing stories about what they saw when they get back home.  Not your typical Vegas souvenir.  Who says "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"?

We handed out 30 Blessing Bags full of food, hygiene items, Ron's Story, Our Daily Breads and Gospels of John.  We are keeping in prayer Shirley, Robert, and Dave the professional panhandler.  Andrea, Theresa, Jim, Lenny and Todd all asked for prayer for financial situations.  We prayed for healing on Frank's back and for Henry's cousin who has cancer.  Cody needs prayer so he can get a good night's sleep on the streets and Paul would like direction.

All members of 2Act Ministries are in prayer for a building where we can run the outreaches from, store supplies, cook from, offer Christian 12-step Recovery and Discipleship classes, and ultimately be available during the day to offer love, hope and help to those in need.