This was our Maryland Parkway outreach. We started at Maryland and Freemont, and worked our way south. Our first stop was a ninety nine cent store at Charleston. There were a couple people there who were happy to see us, and one man in particular named John who asked us about getting into rehab.

From there we went to the park about one block south- the one in the middle of the road- and found about six more people there. We had the pleasure of praying with a couple who were from Colorado, and were looking to go back and be with thier family.

We did go a bit off track, up to Sahara and Commerce where there were quite a few homeless staying in front of the abortion clinic. They received us well, and we were able to pray with three younger men: Sean, Andre, and Marquise.

On our way back home, we stopped in the parking lot of a Smith's and asked a man if he needed food and socks. He told us he was really hungry, and that only moments earlier, he had been praying that God would provide food for him. He didn't know where this food would come from, but he had faith that God would provide it anyways. He said "you guys just blew my mind, rolling up and asking me if I wanted food, all I could think was 'praise God!'". It is a joy for us to see God work in these ways! When people offer up prayers in desperation to God, he always hears. And even though we may not always get the responses we expect, He is faithful to see us through our hardships and make us stronger through them.

Please pray that God provides the needs of all those who are on the streets, and pray that they are comforted by Gods grace. Those who asked us for prayer are: Jon, Jeff, Shelly, Ron, Nick, William, Rick, Doug, Nancy, Mike, Lona, Sean, Andre, Marquise, Johnathan, Glenn, J.J., Blanch, and Albert.